Our Community

Welcome to Decatur County, home of the world famous tree tower! We’re located in southeast Indiana at the intersections of Interstate 74 and State Road 3.

Where We Began. Where We Are.

Decatur County was originally part of a land acquisition in 1819 through the Indian Treaty of St. Mary. Named for Commodore Stephen Decatur, a naval hero, a government was established in 1821, and Greensburg was chosen as the county seat. Today, nine townships and five towns comprise Decatur County.

Two centuries later, Decatur County has an idyllic small-town vibe and the down-home values to go with it. Our population is approximately 25,000 with about 11,000 concentrated in the Town of Greensburg. 

So What About That Tree?

Built in 1860, the courthouse was a hub of community activity, but by the early 1870s, the townspeople became a bit unsettled when they noticed a tree atop the 110-foot high courthouse tower. As time passed, four more trees sprouted, their roots seemingly embedded in the roof shingles.

Concerned about the roof’s integrity, a steeplejack removed all but two of the trees in 1888. One of the original trees flourished for another 15 years until it died of natural causes. To this day, you can still see this determined, weather-worn tree in the Decatur County Historical Society Museum. Eventually, other trees grew to take its place, including the one you see today.

No one is really sure how the trees took root and why the mulberry tree currently atop the roof of the courthouse clock tower continues to thrive, but make no jokes about it—especially if it involves clock springs—seriously; there’s an official joke ban!