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The health and wellbeing of our students and their families matters to us; students learn more, teachers instruct more effectively, and we all work smarter when we feel good.

Please help us to be prepared in an emergency situation by informing us of any allergies to medications, foods, or insects your child has.

immunIzation information

For students in grades 7–11: Two doses of Hepatitis A are now required for your child before the start of their senior year. While many students have had this vaccine, there are still several that have not. If you do not already have it, we encourage you to start the two dose series of Hepatitis A to ensure it’s completed by the time your child is a senior. If you would like a copy of your child's immunization record, please contact your school nurse.

Parents of current juniors: Before the start of their senior year, your child is required to have two doses of Hepatitis A and two doses of meningococcal (MCV4) vaccine on file before the start of the 2018/2019 school year. We recommend both HPV and Men B, but we do not require them at this time. Below are two immunization clinics located in Decatur County. You may also see your primary care doctor or pediatrician.

If you do not wish to have your child vaccinated, religious and medical exemption forms are located in the clinic. Any questions, please call or email your child's school nurse.

Brittany Roell
SDES Nurse
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P: (812) 591-3115

Jessica Comton
SDHS Nurse
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P: (812) 591-3330

Holly Holland
NDES Nurse
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P: (812) 663-9215

Lauren Larsen
NDHS Nurse
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P: (812) 663-4204

Immunization Clinics in Decatur County:

Board of Health

      • 801 North Lincoln Street, Greensburg (across from hospital)
      • For those with no insurance, underinsured, or have Medicaid coverage only
      • Call for an appointment: (812) 663-8301

      Decatur County Memorial Hospital

      • 955 North Michigan Avenue, Greensburg (in Medical Arts Plaza)
      • Accepts those with insurance, as well as those without insurance or Medicaid coverage
      • Call for an appointment: Phone: (812) 222-0422

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